Wednesday, July 15, 2015

To inflate or not to inflate... that is the question

I recently saw a link to a video on a blog that I read called ZerotoCruising. Mario Vittone discusses why he prefers traditional life vests over the newer inflatable models. Mario knows a little about this topic as a retired Coast Guard Warrant Officer and rescue swimmer.

I'll admit that when sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, we don't often wear PFD's when out pleasure sailing for the day. But if the weather turns crappy, or if someone needs to go forward on deck at night, it is required. I've been looking at the inflatables, thinking it might encourage me to wear one more often, but now I'm having second thoughts. Well worth your time to watch.

The settings of the video prevent me from embedding it here but you can view it by clicking the picture below:

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