The Boat

September Song is a 1996 Catalina 320, hull number 350. We've owned her since 2012, and we love spending time on her. As with all things, she is a work in progress, but we hope to document that work right here in the blog for you as we go along. When we began our search for the right boat 2 years ago, one of the requirements that I had was that I didn't want to buy a project. I wanted a boat that I could enjoy right away, and make improvements as I went along. As such, she is reasonably well equipped, and everything (mostly) works the way it is supposed to. I am slowly working my way through the dreaded "list" and hope to someday be finished. Ha. In the mean time I am having a blast going sailing.


  1. This is a great page!!!!! Thank you also for all the info in C 320 you post for me regarding buying one.
    Congratulation Doug

  2. Doug, thanks for you your insight an easy to read writing style. I've got a 320, hull 155 and plan to be more active on the association page, but with young kids work and well trying to get sailing I don't know how people find the time. Much appreciated. - Paul.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Paul. The C320 email group is quite active and it's well worth it to join. You will learn a lot just by lurking.